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Innovating intelligent technology and leading a new chapter in manufacturing

Source:Updated:2018-09-21 17:58:05

  On September 20, the 2018 International Industrial Internet Congress was successfully held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), sponsored by the Organizing Committee of the China International Industrial Exposition (China Trade Fair) and hosted by Donghao Lansheng (Group) Co., Ltd. (Donghao Lansheng Group). The establishment of business opportunities forum echoes each other.

  The conference received strong support from China information and Communication Research Institute and industrial Internet industry alliance. Gao Wenwei, vice president of Dong Hao Lan Sheng (Group) Co., Ltd., attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He pointed out: "at present, the new global technological revolution and industrial revolution are booming, and the transformation of manufacturing industry and digital economy tide converge." the State Council's guidance on deepening the development of the Internet + advanced manufacturing industry "has become the key support and deepening intelligence for the new industrial revolution. The important cornerstone of manufacturing will have a profound and profound impact on the future industrial development. "

  Mr. Xu Heyuan, Deputy Engineer of China Information and Communication Research Institute, and Mr. Tian Rihui, Executive Vice-Chairman of Industrial Big Data Industry Application Alliance, introduced the industrial policy orientation from different perspectives. Summarized several concepts: intelligent factory, intelligent products and industrial Internet platform path as well as four application models, intelligent production, network collaboration, service extension and personalized customization.

  As the foothold of the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, industrial Internet has become a priority strategic choice for industrial transformation and upgrading and theoretical method innovation in major countries. Accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing industry, promoting the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy, fostering new growth points and forming new momentum, has become an inevitable way to build a manufacturing power. As a pioneer city in the development of industrial Internet in China, based on the comparative advantages of industry and information technology in China, Shanghai has vigorously promoted the innovation and development of industrial Internet in the aspects of top-level design, ecological cultivation and regional cooperation, promoted the transformation and upgrading of "Made in Shanghai" to "Made in Shanghai" and "Made in Shanghai", and helped to stir up the "Made in Shanghai". "Brand."

  As one of the main forums in more than 60 forum activities, it is also the third session of the Forum since it has been paying close attention to the topic of "Industrial Internet". The theme of this conference is "Innovating Intelligent Technology, Leading the Future of Manufacturing". Starting from the needs of the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises, the conference integrates the innovative technology of industrial Internet, industrial software and system solutions, and industrial Internet application cases. It runs through the industrial chain of industrial Internet and builds the hub of industrial total factor links. And the core of industrial resource allocation helps transform and upgrade industries.


It is understood that the conference includes policy sharing and industry prospects as well as round-table discussions on industrial Internet, from the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), China Information and Communication Research Institute, to the Intelligent Research Institute, Lenovo, Intel, Huawei, Ziguangyun Engine and other domestic and foreign authoritative institutions and leading enterprises in the field of industrial Internet. Do not share practical experience on data intelligence, industrial APP, intelligent manufacturing and other topics.


  Nowadays, the world has entered an era of globalization and informationization. How can we penetrate the concept of wisdom into every field of industrial production and achieve diversified intellectual development? Communication inspires us to think about the future. The 2018 International Industrial Internet Congress has brought people from all walks of life together to listen to the voices of various parties, and given practitioners a wide range of thinking space with passion, industry chain stakeholders, etc. The Congress has been a complete success!


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