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Quanstar Intenlligent Controls(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. is a equipment supplier with the capability of R&D, sales, machining process and equiment assembly and service, our main business is providing automation equipment with the integration of design, manufacturing and customer service based on the customer demands.

The current business field

The automotive industry, cosmetics industry, cosmetics industry, spray industry, thermostat industry, medical industry, lighter industry etc.

Enterprise vision

Do a good Chinese equipment, provide valuable equipment to customers, with the high quality service for customers to produce escort, to achieve long-term win-win is our eternal mission。

The law of the world, the only way which must be passed for social development, before the "China manufacturing" in a certain historical period for the whole world to solve the production problems, so that people around the world enjoying the fruits of manufacturing Chinese, now Chinese income increase, is bound to join China creative elements in it, or where Chinese advantage?

To enhance the quality, speed, cost control, personnel of uncertain factors to solve the biggest problem is, at present China enterprises before the crunch time; key method to solve the above problem is the use of automated equipment. Europe and the United States and Japan equipment high cost, high price, high and timely customer service, make a lot of enterprises and step back, be nonplussed over sth.. To solve the localization of equipment is the fundamental method of equipment, domestic prices, international quality, it is the needs of the times; all enterprises can not avoid, we must follow the law, strive to make the equipment Chinese。

We should learn from German and Japanese equipment suppliers continuously, absorb the advantages of others, and create our own, to continue to provide equipment and services for the development of the times for customers, we continue to accelerate the pace of development, so as to let our customers enjoy our excellent results; let us work together, unite in a concerted effort, together again China create brilliant!


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