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Account password to biometrics who is the safest

Source:Updated:2018-07-11 09:20:38

The global Market will be 112 per cent from 2015, according to Transparency Market Research, a us consultancy. $400 million, up to $23.3 billion by 2020, a compound annual growth rate of 15.7%. The biometrics market is growing rapidly.

With the continuous development of technology, various password authentication methods have been developed, ranging from "user name + password" to "biometrics + vivo detection". Biometrics is by far the most convenient and secure identification technology, with the global Market for biometrics expected to grow from 112 in 2015, according to Transparency Market Research, a us consultancy. $400 million, up to $23.3 billion by 2020, a compound annual growth rate of 15 percent. 7%. The biometrics market is growing rapidly.


So-called biometrics is, through the computer and optical, acoustics, biological sensors and biological closely combined with statistical principles and other high-tech means, using physiological features, inherent body (such as fingerprint, face, iris, etc) and behavior characteristics, such as handwriting, voice, gait, etc.) for identification of personal identity. Biometrics is safer, more secure and more convenient than traditional identification methods.

In terms of biological recognition itself, it can be divided into face recognition, palm vein recognition and so on. The four most widely used identification techniques are described below.

Fingerprint identification

As the name implies, fingerprint identification is the identification of the finger pattern. At present, fingerprint identification is the most widely used security certification method, which can be used in public places, work or entry through customs.

Since the rise of smart hardware, many personal verification methods, including smartphones, have also chosen fingerprint recognition. From a technical point of view, fingerprint identification is mainly divided into three types: capacitor type, optical type and ultrasonic type. Because ultrasonic technology is not mature, most of the fingerprint recognition chips on mobile phones are capacitive fingerprint sensors. After the fingerprint is collected through the surface mirror, the quality of the collected fingerprint is evaluated, compared with the samples in the fingerprint database, and finally the information is determined.

Fingerprint identification though widely used but there are also some disadvantages, because touch validation for environmental requirements is very high, humidity and cleanliness requirements for finger, fingerprint wear also can't identify consequences; Others may be born without fingerprints, or have few features and cannot be photographed. Most importantly, fingerprints are easy to retain, are likely to be copied, and are less secure.

Iris recognition

Iris recognition is a new term for many people. It's not just smartphones that have helped make iris recognition popular fast enough to walk into people's lives. Fujitsu, design and manufacture of ARROWS NX F - 04 g claims is the world's first production of the iris recognition technology of the smart phone, while after Note7 and high-end flagship samsung machine adopts the iris recognition. At present, a number of domestic mobile phones also have this function.

In fact, iris recognition is "old wine in new bottles". Compared with fingerprint recognition, the concept of iris recognition came into being only five years later, 133 years ago. Iris recognition technology USES the unique features of the human eye's iris to identify people, and iris matching is more accurate than DNA matching. The technology has been widely recognized in the biometrics industry as the most accurate, stable and scalable identity recognition system.

Iris recognition features are determined by random combinations before birth, once formed for life. Although the accuracy of iris recognition is relatively high among all kinds of biometrics, compared with other biometrics hardware, the hardware cost of iris recognition is high and it is difficult to be widely popularized. Lens may produce image distortion and reduce reliability. An automatic iris recognition system includes hardware and software modules, iris image acquisition device and iris recognition algorithm. Corresponding to the two basic problems of image acquisition and pattern matching, there are still many technical difficulties to overcome to achieve large-scale commercial use.

Face recognition is a blend of computer image processing technology and the principle of biostatistics at an organic whole, using computer image processing technology as feature points extracted from video, the mathematical model was established based on the principle of biostatistics is analyzed, namely the face feature template. The constructed face feature template and the face image of the subject are used for feature analysis, and a similar value is given according to the analysis results. This value determines whether it is the same person or not.

Face recognition USES more data than fingerprint recognition, making it more accurate. And unlike fingerprints, face spacer recognition requires no attention from the verifier, except for the authentication of certain items. This is also the reason why suspects can be found at star concerts. In the image recognition, it can automatically capture and verify, which is the ability of contact recognition. Orlando, but, according to foreign media reports and the Orlando police department said in a statement released on June 25 local time, last week to stop using the amazon deep learning - Rekognition facial recognition technology, the two sides since last December for a period of 6 months contract expired, is no longer contract.

In face recognition, there is little difference between similar individuals, all facial structures are similar, and even the structure and appearance of facial organs are similar. Such features are beneficial to the use of the face for localization, but unfavorable to the use of the face to distinguish human individuals; Variability of facial appearance is very unstable, people can through facial expression changes a lot, but in different observation Angle, facial visual images also vary widely, in addition, facial recognition are affected by light conditions (such as day and night, indoor and outdoor, etc.), face a lot of cover (for example, masks and sunglasses, hair, beard, etc.), the influence of various factors such as age.

Vein recognition

Identification is mainly carried out by using the structure of veins. Because venous veins contain a lot of characteristic information, they can be used as the object of verification. The principle of palmar vein recognition is to use the different absorption characteristics of specific wavelength of infrared light between veins, muscles and bones to form a unique vein image.

At present, with palm vein recognition technology (hand vein identification) as the carrier, it can make intelligent response to the needs of tourism, people's livelihood, commerce, community, transportation and other fields. In China, "smart vending machines" using cutting-edge IT technologies such as facial recognition and venous recognition have become popular. The door opens automatically when the customer puts the palm of his hand close to the corresponding mark on the machine. This is an intelligent vending machine using venous identification technology. The report said the smart vending machines have teamed up with alipay, a smartphone clearing system. After confirming that the vein information is personal, multiple cameras installed on the device will detect which goods the customer has taken away, and then complete the settlement through alipay when the cabinet door is closed. Customers don't even have to take their phones out of their bags.

The technique for identifying palmar veins mentioned in the report was developed in Shanghai alone

Enterprise shenlan technology research and development to provide. Palm vein recognition technology (hand vein recognition) as at present the most convenient and security identification technology, through the special photoelectric conversion device and computer image processing technology, according to the characteristics of the hemoglobin in the blood known as absorb infrared light, takes to the hand vein image digital processing, and use complex algorithms from the database matching, thus for personal identification, identify. Palm vein recognition has all the advantages of biometrics, uniqueness, safety and convenience. Safety and reliability levels are 100 times higher than those for external biometrics (fingerprints, faces, etc.).

In addition to the application in the intelligent retail field, shenlan technology mature palm vein biometrics technology has also reached the commercial level in many fields such as automobile, access control and so on. You don't need a key to drive. Enter the office area and sweep the door. It has replaced cumbersome passwords and complicated documents, making people the core of a secure and seamless world. But just like the iris recognition technology, the hand vein recognition hardware cost is higher, but with the development of technology and industry escalating, is expected to further reduce the hardware cost, and achieve large-scale popularization.


With the advent of the Internet of things era, biometrics will have a broader market prospect. At present, there are still some problems in the application of the four most widely used biometrics. In comparison, the hand vein recognition technology (hand vein recognition) easy to use, has uniqueness, deterrent rate is low, not easy to get, not easily lost, in ordinary scenes to a safe level application scenario for the high demand on the use of all have obvious advantages. I believe that in the near future, hand vein recognition technology will bring more possibilities to our life. We'll see what happens in all areas of our lives.


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