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Warm congratulations on the production of production line overseas

Source:Updated:2017-06-21 12:32:06

The TXV production line of the trihua steam zero Mexico factory is started 
On June 20, 2017, the TXV production line was set up for the TXV production line. Mexican families aw state governor reuben morera - Mr Valdes, sanhua holding group chairman Zhang Daocai, three flowers zero Shi Chu good company general manager, three microchannel and local guests from all walks of life, general manager of the company to NiXiaoMing company cadre staff more than 200 people attended the launching ceremony. 

Before the ceremony, governor ruben-morera met with President zhang for a friendly meeting. Meeting, morera governor is introduced state investment environment,

 welcome to three flowers to invest, to provide various policy service, especially in the local talent, science and technology resources and establish a good docking between three flower development demand. Zhang Daocai thank chairman, introduces three development present situation and strategic planning, and said three flowers will promote the talent localization strategy, realizes the three flowers international operation and good compatibility of the local economic and social development. 
The production line launch ceremony began formally in the grand ceremony of the ribbon cutting ceremony. 
Later, governor ruben-morera and chairman zhang daoand opened the ceremony to celebrate the three flowers in Mexico. 
After entering the main venue of the ceremony, the mayor of ramos, the mayor of ramos, Mr. Later, President zhang delivered a speech on behalf of the sanhua group, reiterating the three investments in the local construction plant, and will make Mexico's factory a strategic vision for a major global manufacturing base. Later, governor ruben-morera also addressed the state government and congratulated the three countries on the development of international development and expressed their good wishes for further cooperation. 
After the speech of the two sides, President zhang and governor morera entered the production area and jointly started the operation of the steam zero factory TXV production line. 
In production line to start the voice of the governor zhang chairman and morera officially output in production line of the first two products, leaving their signature, as a memorial for this important moment. 
In the end, governor morera handed President zhang a trophy and thanked him for his outstanding contribution to the local economy. In a festive atmosphere, the TXV production line, a three-flower Mexican factory, was successfully completed 


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