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The top ten mobile phone industries in China use mobile phone industrial robot system integrators

Source:Updated:2018-06-25 08:27:31

Is known as China's industrial robot industry under a tuyere 3 c electronics industry concerned in the well trained in recent years, as a representative in the field of 3 c electronic industry, seeking to automate upgrade of mobile phone manufacturing industry also inevitably become each big robot manufacturers both areas. Generally speaking, the automatic production of mobile phones requires a high degree of flexibility, and of course, the system integrator is indispensable to build a flexible production line.

A qualified system integrator should be integrated for industry applications. They should not only be familiar with industrial robots, but also understand the industry's production standards, production requirements and production processes. Today, let's take a look at ten representative system integrators in the domestic mobile phone industry.

1. Tusda

Went public in 2017 in Guangdong Topstar Technology Co., Ltd, has total market capitalization of more than $7.68 billion in 2018, focus on industrial robot as a representative of the intelligent equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales, for manufacturing, software development, system integration, ontology of the trinity of overall automation solutions provider, strategic cooperation, ABB is "robot backbone enterprises of Guangdong province".


Previously, the main equipment was injection molding machines, which later provided system integration services to the 3C electronics industry and developed its own brand of multi-joint robots. Customers related to the 3C electronics industry include zhengwei precision (Foxlink), kunxing technology, jinsheng shares, foxconn, etc. In addition, our customers also include nearly 4,000 famous enterprises including the top 500 in the world. Our sales service network covers the whole country, and our products are exported to more than 30 countries in Asia, the United States, Europe and Africa. It is one of the larger enterprises in the system integrators in 3C intelligent manufacturing field.

Oranges are automated

Shenzhen orange automation co., LTD. Focuses on the 3C electronics industry, providing rich system integration services for mobile phones, earphones, audio systems, small appliances and other fields. In mobile phone/server /PCBA/IOT hardware /PC and other flexible manufacturing areas, technology is relatively advanced.


Main business for the automation equipment, automatic production line, functional fixtures, industrial robots and software technology development, consulting, services, etc., the company in the flexible production line with "digital potentiometer automatic assembly line" "PCBA board test line" "hard disk test automatic assembly lines, etc. Taking the "PCBA test line" as an example, the number of practical personnel before going online is 15, while that after going online is 1. The production efficiency was increased from 60PCS/H to 180PCS/H. The yield is from 95% to 99.5%.

3. Lyschinda

As a started with fine polishing using industrial robot systems integrators, since set up in 2008, guangdong, schindler robot system co., LTD has been continuously expand their territory in the field of robot. And with the rise of intelligent manufacturing, 3 c industry, schindler has also set up the 3 c business, represented for mobile phones, computers, electronic industry, demand for the enterprise for all kinds of personalized, automation solutions, covers every manufacturing of 3 c industry.


Starting in 2017, a company introduced the lyschinda mobile phone automated test wire. At present, the factory 7 robot sustainable work 20 hours a day, the output is 5600 PCS, percent of pass is up to 99%, compared with 14 1 day of production workers, effectively reduce the line body 14 workers, not only save the cost, also make the product quality has the better security. At present, our clients include famous companies such as midea, OPPO and VIVO.

4. Tuoko intelligence

Shenzhen tuoko intelligent technology co., LTD. Was established in 2015, and the longhua office building in shenzhen was opened in March 2016, while the Shanghai branch was established in June, and the dongguan songshan lake production base was opened at the end of the year. At present, it is mainly in the field of intelligent automatic production equipment and intelligent automatic detection equipment for 3C digital products, such as mobile phones, laptop computers, tablet computers, audio systems and television sets.


As a young company, its intelligence in the 3 c electronic industry has "automatic USB plug burning equipment", "mobile phone packaging line" "mobile phone PCBA testing line" "MMI" "automatic phone tag attached with equipment" and other hardware, software and hardware system and the principle of integrated solutions.

5. To attract more talents

As an integrated solution provider, bozhong has been in contact with industry 4.0 since 2013 and is committed to providing customers with integrated digital factory solutions.


3 c product digital plant overall solution is BOZHON bo the build from the mobile terminal (electric business platform, micro letter, etc.) place the order to product delivery process automation, informationization and transparency of 3 c products of complete sets of digital production solutions. Through the integration of Internet technology and information technology, enterprises can grasp the whole process from customer ordering to product delivery in real time, and quickly respond to customers' individual demands. In the aspect of manufacturing equipment automation and information integration, through integration with the equipment control layer, real-time collection of production status data, grasp production process information, and optimize the allocation of production resources. The information system of enterprise production automation and operation management is constructed to provide basic platform construction and technical service support for enterprises to realize digitization and even intelligence.

6. Zhongtian automation

Dongguan zhongtian automation technology co., LTD is a system integrator integrating sales, r&d, production and service. Founded in 2013, the company is controlled by cixing co., LTD., headquartered in dongguan, guangdong province. It has branches in ningbo and suzhou.


At present, the company mainly has automatic mobile phone shell polishing machine, single machine automation equipment, automatic assembly line and intelligent factory overall transformation. Products are mainly used in the 3 c, automobile, sanitary ware, such as industry, the needs of different sectors, integrated motion control, image processing, laser measurement, manipulator and precision SMT, precision pressing technology, cooperate with software development. Provide customers with customized automation equipment and overall solutions.

7. Shanghai huatai

Shanghai huatai numerical control technology co., LTD. HDC predecessor was founded in 1993. Digital control system for the traditional manufacturing industry development support, electrical complete sets of production, facilities, and acting sales of international famous brand industrial control products to provide clients with cutting-edge technologies in the information system integration, automation.


Beginning 15 years ago, huatai provided systems integration services in the mobile phone industry. Including 3 c grinding, assembly and multidimensional flexible intelligent high-speed mobile phone line, the line USES flexible size measurement system, can realize 1 d / 2 d / 3 d measurement, flexible configuration, flexible production line using the integrated measurement data management software, at the same time will be effected according to the need to customize the production line or stand-alone.

8. Tanaka precision machine

Tanac Automation Co., ltd. went public in 2015 and 2015, total assets of 3.2 billion yuan, at present mainly provide from parts processing (CNC machining, parts, components, welding) to the precise assembly, machine testing, to finished product packing system integrated Automation solutions for the main business direction.


The rapid improvement of the permeability of the double-sided glass body of mobile phones will drive the demand for precision carving machines and hot-bending machines. As a leading enterprise of domestic glass precision carving machines, its subsidiary company, cosco xiangrui, is expected to increase orders in 2017. In addition, the company's original winding business will benefit from the widespread use of wireless charging on mobile phones. The company has a rich product line in 3C equipment manufacturing, which is expected to fully benefit from the development trend of wireless charging and curved screen in the future.

9. Tongchuan technology

Shenzhen tongchuan technology co., LTD., founded in May 2012, focuses on artificial intelligence and industrial automation solutions. Stamping manipulator is the main equipment, meanwhile system integration and six-axis robot have been applied, mainly in mobile phone industry.


For better electronic assembly automation production lines, with the sichuan science and technology has also developed a collaborative robot, it is a with the independent research and development of sichuan joint module based on establish a 7-axis collaborative robot, have the man-machine collaboration capabilities of collision downtime of safety, and can realize accurate drag teaching.

10. Luoshi robot

Luoshi robot, founded in May 2015, is a leading supplier of industrial robot control systems and six-axis industrial robots in China, and the 3C field is currently one of its focuses.


Electronic products have fine structure, complex process, high price of raw materials, and many processes in design and assembly, so there are very high requirements for automatic production and transformation. No independent research and development of Titanite stone robot control system, based on the dynamic model of the optimal planning technology, can be in guarantee under the premise of robot body and motor performance, at least one axis is in a state of maximum acceleration, thereby gaining physical level can allow the shortest takt time. The high precision error compensation and inertia feedforward technology control the robot's repeatable positioning accuracy within 0.02mm, and the quick and accurate movement in high-speed work.


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